Sitting on a plane to Jordan when I was 24 with only a few thousand pounds in my bank account, I didn’t know when I was going to come home, but I was prepared for it to be never.

How does Original Wisdom manifest in the 


India was my goal, and a need to immerse myself in Yoga.

But before I got there I lived with the Bedouins in the desert of Jordan, fell in love while studying Arabic in Damascus, let the sound of the call to prayer start to break down my atheist tendencies and spent weeks walking barefoot along the flagstones of Jerusalem.

But eventually I found myself in Rishikesh, India – I inhaled my last drag of a cigarette and I knew that now I was ready for the work to begin…

Original Wisdom is a pathway for those wanting to experience the teachings of yoga philosophy for themselves through an immersion into sound, meditation and scholarly precision. 


Lucy Crisfieldfounded Original Wisdom to add depth and precision to the modern teachings of the ancient yoga lineages, inspired by her own desire for awakening and intellectual illumination. She shares her love of language with the intent of it opening spiritual doors and insights, weaving the teachings and sounds of the tradition to deepen understanding.

After studying the violin and piano at the Royal College of Music, Lucy received a first class honours degree in mathematics and Music and left London to travel solo through more than 15 countries over three years in her quest for a deeper understanding of life. During this time she discovered the magic of how the spiritual expresses itself through the word, studying Arabic in Damascus, Yemen and East London and Hebrew and Sanskrit at SOAS in London.

is a merging of the Sanskrit sound ‘aim‘, ऐं, and the hourglass shape of Śiva‘s ḍamaru drum. ‘aim’ places us directly into the original flow of creative wisdom; the light of consciousness known as Saraswatī and Śiva‘s ḍamaru drum creates the powerful sequence of letters known as the Sanskrit alphabet.

Imagine sounding these sounds each morning, feeling your tongue dance along the articulation points of the Sanskrit language? Your mouth will sing with vibration as the sounds re-enact the cosmic dance of creation as you sink into the timeless transcendence of the moment.