I am devoted to the deepest impulse of my being.

I am devoted to bringing my attention to bear witness to the vast undercurrents of my life.

Each morning I wake up and I devote myself to this impulse even though every part of my body and mind says its too early, or too cold.

I am devoted to the silent wise intelligence that moves me.

I do it because the more I listen and hear the current of life’s movement to serve the moment, the less I have a choice.

I am devoted to not creating stories about this experience but letting the presence unfold within me.

I am devoted despite knowing that It is a totally irrational impulse, that it will not make me a better person, it will not make me a better version of me and it will not produce perfect health.

I am devoted to going against the current of conditioned thinking. I am devoted to questioning everything, right down to the fundamental belief that I am this body and mind.

And through this devotion, I am fused with the beauty of the moment. In reverential awe, I place one foot in front of the other, overflowing I place the cup down.

I am devoted to not-knowing, to not being trapped by my knowing.

I am devoted to the deepest impulse of my being.