THE chant of immortality ~ the mṛtyuñjaya mantra

online COURSE ~ starting 23rd september 2023

Price of course:

£250 (invoices sent in July, due by 10th September)


  • The gāyatrī reveals the world to us, the mṛtyuñjaya frees us from it. With gāyatrī as dawn, and mṛtyuñjaya as twilight, this is a  journey deep into the underworld. Together, these two great mantra stand as pillars of resonance at the foundation of  yoga tradition. 
  • A deepening embodiment of the articulation and resonance of the Sanskrit language. 
  • Experience the journey of the svara – ‘the celestial sprit of the veda‘ – an integral part of mantra practice, and learn to recognise the meaning held within them.
  • Experience the nāda of sound as we dive deep into the very essence of meaning. 
  • Journey into the heart of  tantra through mṛtyuñjaya tantra practices.
  • Join the powerful guided practice of 108 recitations of the mṛtyuñjaya mantra on the winter Solstice (21st December) – only open for people who have completed this course. 
  • * This is the second in ‘The Sounds of Sanskrit ~ The Language of Yoga’ series, and is only open to those who have completed the gāyatrī  immersion. (Link here) *
Course dates (All Saturdays):

23rd September

21st October

25th November




• online via zoom.


• extensive course notes + chapter from the book

• audio recordings

• access to the videos for two years via the course login page.

• access to the 5.30am solstice meditation and 108 repetitions of the mṛtyuñjaya mantra on 21st December

Lucy Crisfield
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