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is a pathway  to experience the teachings of yoga philosophy through an immersion into sound, meditation and scholarly precision. Our purpose is to awaken an experiential knowing of the very essence of our being.

Our exploration together takes place through the form of mantra meditation and an enquiry of yoga philosophy through the resonance of the Sanskrit language. 

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Thank you Lucy I’ve really enjoyed the Sounds of Samskrt, it’s taught me so much. I believe it’s helped me to find a sense of peace within me that I didn’t have before. The sounds feel very primordial and resonate with a deep sense of one’s inner being. It’s like “Wow” this is what’s been missing from my life! Now I’ve found it I don’t want to let it go. I want to keep learning more and immersing my soul in these beautiful sounds. Thank you Lucy, you’ve opened my eyes, my heart; my essence to something profoundly special and deeply powerful.

Michaela Christophers

“Lucy Crisfield is simply the best, most authentic, intelligent and accomplished teacher of yoga philosophy, Sanskrit and mantra that I have ever encountered. Her direct sharing from the Yoga Sutra and from the Vedas is heartfelt, and the light of the language shines through. She empowers us as students to experience the living power of these ancient sounds because she herself embodies what she teaches. I’ve been endeavouring to study Sanskrit with various teachers since 1994 and my search for the perfect teacher is now over because I have found Lucy! Look no further, she is the best there is.”

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

“Inquisitive, resourceful, generous and accommodating, Lucy’s genius in the realm or sound is shared with an unassuming wit, humour and kindness of character. My recommendation of Lucy is sincere, and comes with the request of those who are as sincere, to entertain an opportunity of exploring the richness of the Self through the guidance of dear Lucy’s stellar mastery.”

Jennifer Gillis