The Sounds of Sanskrit ~ the language of yoga

The sounds of Sanskrit ~ the language of Yoga

Two online courses in 2021

A four part dive into the sounds of Sanskrit for those wanting to experience the yogic vision through an enquiry into the sound, meditation and scholarly precision.

Course beginning 20/3/21

Course beginning 18/9/21

Course Material

  • Experience the meditative quality of the 16 vowel sounds, known as the ‘divine mothers’
  • Deepen your connection with the path of yoga through an immersion into the gāyatrī mantra like you have never experienced before and then journey through ‘the four pada’ to discover what it really means.
  • Learn how to sound the bīja mantra (it won’t be what you expected!) and experience their transformative power.
  • Experience the Yoga Sūtra deeply, through the realm of sound. This major philosophical text of yoga is not meant to be read in a book.
  • Learn how mantra work: discover the four stages of speech and the significance of the gross, subtle and causal in the Sanskrit language.
  • How do you sound the most mystical of sound ‘oṁ’?
  • Learn to pronounce the Sanskrit alphabet, āsana names, and Gods and Goddesses.
  • Experience the mystical origins of the Sanskrit language through the Śiva Sūtras.
  • Learn to pronounce the Sanskrit alphabet and discover its connection with the five elements.
  • Experience the significance of the Veda for deepening our knowledge of yoga.

About the Sanskrit language

Sanskrit is the language of ancient India, the mother of English, and the language in which all the yogic texts were composed. Fabled for its mystical power, each letter holds a unique resonance. Feel this resonance for yourself by learning how to correctly pronounce these letters.

The study of the Sanskrit language is in itself a spiritual discipline. Our mind tends to be only as free as the language in which it is has been moulded by. Engaging with the Sanskrit language has the capacity to allow a wisdom and a knowing outside of our normal thinking processes to arise within us.

The Sanskrit language is an aid to:

  • Understanding in depth the wisdom of the Upaniṣad and the Yoga Sūtra.
  • Understanding spiritual concepts which are not capable of accurate expression in English
  • Purifying the mind through sound
  • Understanding the laws of creation
  • Learning sound meditations effective in tuning the mind so that it becomes a suitable vehicle for self-realisation
  • Enlightening the experience of our own language.

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